About Us


Supporting unity and care for the communities through education, arts, and culture.  


Oak Hill Heritage House Museum and Research Library (OHHHM) was established in 2006 to ensure the continuance of a museum and multicultural research library for African American history in the Oak Hill Heritage House. The museum provides valuable historical works and resources, including Catalogue Raisonné, genealogy, documentations and preserved records.  


Service + Unity + Care + Culture + Education + Spirituality + Safety = SUCCESS


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Ms. Gwendolyn Peace-Taylor, Chair; Ms. Alma Peace-Bullock, Director; Ms. Marlene Hendricks, Asst. Director; Ms. Mary L. Harris, Budget Facilitator; Me. Mack Q. Bullock, II, Treasurer; Ms. Tabitha S. Royster, Accountant   ADVISORY COUNCIL: Ms. Marion D. Woods, Mr. Charles Oakley, Ms. Mary Harris, Mr. Mack Q. Bullock, Ms. Tabitha S. Royster, Ms. Carolyn Williams, Ms. Marlene Hendricks, Ms. Leola B. Oakley, Rev. Ida G. Harris, Ms. Alma Peace-Bullock, Ms. Gwendolyn Peace-Taylor, Mr. Michael Allen


Oak Hill Heritage House Museum and Research Library (OHHHMRL) was founded in 2006 by Alma Peace-Bullock and Mack Q. Bullock, II. OHHHMRL brings together volunteers, mentors, youths, and parents through early interventions, training, learning, and activities that are community based, family centered, culturally competent, outcome driven, and prevention oriented. The museum is located on a 200 acre farm in northern Granville County in the Oak Hill community. The farm was purchased in 1906 by Jeff Davis Satterwhite and has been in the Satterwhite family since. OHHHMRL is the largest ongoing project of Women Involved in Community Action (WIICA), an organization composed of professional women who have a special interest in the enhancement of health, education, spiritual, cultural, and social welfare. WIICA, organized in 1995 by Alma Peace-Bullock, serves as an advocacy, referral, and advisory council for implementation of grant and non-grant programs, volunteer training,  tutoring, leadership seminars and workshops.  WIICA received a 501C-3 non-profit status in 2007.